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R480 details, ATI to use dual slot cooling in reference design? Here's the difference: Nvidia MANDATES that you have a dual slot cooler, whereas with ATI it is an OPTION. You can put an XT PE in a Shuttle, but 6800 Ultras can't be done without heavy modification of the case. There is nothing inherently wrong with dual slot coolers until they are your only choice. What's the best PCI slot cooler? | [H]ard|Forum The thing is with dual slot, I'd think the Vcool could suck in more cool air than the blitztorm which is only single slot, however, the blitztorm has TWO fans. So what's the best choice? Will one of these improve my gpu temps by say 5c? Is there anything better out there? Why hasn't someone made like a triple fan, dual slot pci cooler by now? "Cooling it" between heats - General Technical Info & Advice ...

Single Slot GTX 1050 Ti? | Tom's Hardware Forum

GPU Sag with 3 slot coolers? : nvidia - Reddit Anyone with a new 2080 or 2080 TI and a 3-slot cooler, how's the GPU sag ... It seems like it must be a lot of extra weight. ... get reddit premiumĀ ... How to Choose and Mount a CPU Fan: Everything You Need To Know Jun 28, 2013 ... Finding the right CPU fan requires a great deal of research. Not only do different fan ... Intel tends to use a different heat sink for each of its CPUs. However LGA775 and .... PCI slots, SATA ports and motherboard... Read More.

Home Made Air Cooler (Video): 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Question about 3 slot graphics cards? | Tom's Hardware Forum A lot of times they only take up 3 slots for cooling purposes. They are definitely good if you want to overclock your graphics card by the way. 0 bigshootr8 ... I don't see a reason to do so when a lot of other cards don't do that. Its may well be for cooling reasons larger cooler more heat dissipation through heatsink and more ventilation. ... "Cooling it" between heats - General Technical Info ... Page 1 of 2 - "Cooling it" between heats - posted in General Technical Info & Advice: My race results are getting better, but it seems the guys who beat me are cooling their motors between heats. I even saw one guy holding ice cubes against his motor ! I have heard of guys who spray the motor with canned refrigerant/cleaner. That can get expensive ! Single Slot GTX 1050 Ti? | Tom's Hardware Forum I'm wondering if anyone has heard of a Single Lot GTX 1050 Ti being released anytime soon? Due to my motherboard limitations I need them to be single slot width, I'd get a waterblock but $110 for a $140 is ridiculous. Antec Super Cyclone Blower, Dual PCI Expansion Slot ...


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