2 meter skeleton slot antenna

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Advantages and disadvantages of slot antennaIn the Second ARRL Antenna Compendium, Russell Prack K5RP wrote an article .. Antenna Compendium "The Double Magnetic Slot Antenna for skeleton slot hf antenna 80 Meters" .. Skeleton Slot Antenna - The DXZoneAbstract: A microstripline slot antenna is treated experimentally at X-band ..

DG7YBN - 144 MHz YU0B Beam Simulating the YU0B 11+11 Beam with Skeleton Slot Driven Element. the Origin I believe this antenna is a result of the efforts of the Belgrad radio amateurs to create an improved antenna for working 2 m EME. With the K8AT skeleton slot driven double boom Yagi as a starting point. As the K8AT antenna 2nd Hand Ham Shop - Posts | Facebook Is it a skeleton slot antenna as suggested in QST or perhaps something else? Let’s see as the details of this antenna unfold. Information regarding the 2-Meter Slot-Cube Antenna, slot antennas, skeleton slot antennas and the Hentenna are located in the files section of the HARC groups.io site in the Education and Training Materials folder. 2 meter antenna | eBay Related: 2 meter mobile antenna 2 meter base antenna 2 meter ham radio transceiver 2 meter beam antenna 2 meter transceiver 2 meter amplifier nmo antenna mount 2 meter ham radio antenna 2 meter j pole antenna 6 meter antenna 10 meter antenna 2 meter yagi antenna US6414642B2 - Orthogonal slot antenna assembly - Google Patents

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The skeleton slot provide an ingenious to feed two stack yagi antennas her is my design Slot antenna parabolic dish based 2m 440 - YouTube

All slotted-cylinder antennas seem to be called an “Alford slot” by hams, but the name is not used in any antenna book I’ve seen.A properly dimensioned Alford slot antenna will produce a clean elevation pattern with a single lobe, like the one in Figure 7-39, measured by KB 2BD39 for a skeleton...

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A 2 meter cubical quad backpack antenna for portable or…